Sustainability in TAC


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

--Robert Swan, polar explorer


Our Sustainability Mission: 


TAC will set the gold standard in Scouting for efforts to improve human impacts upon the planet

We will achieve that by incorporating sustainability practices and training throughout our program,

focused on impacts upon the natural world – the topics addressed in the Sustainability merit badge.

We will be thousands of advocates for the planet in the Anthropocene age.

Our youth will change their own futures.



This mission involves every participant in TAC Scouting: group action at the unit, district, and council levels; and individual action by every youth and adult member in TAC and their families. We support the sustainability efforts of Scouting throughout the BSA and throughout the world. We must all care for the world we inherited, to ensure that future generations enjoy the same joys and privileges of the outdoors that we do. 


Take the TAC Sustainability Challenge 2021

We challenge you, your unit, and your families and friends to take the TAC Sustainability Challenge 2021, and join the movement to improve human impacts upon the planet. 

  • Cub Challenge (5-10-year-olds)
  • Scout and Adult Challenge (11-18-year-olds, and all adults)
  • Venturer / Sea Scout / Explorer Challenge (14-21-year-olds)
  • Unit Challenge (groups)

Finish the Challenges before the end of 2021! Earn and purchase a cool limited-edition patch!

To change the world and ensure that a healthy planet is there for the next generations, we need two things: Education & Action. In order for us to measure the action created by the Sustainability Challenge and the impact it has on improving Sustainability around the world, we need to know what you did!

We will be updating the webpage on (at least) a monthly basis to show the impact we have achieved by working together on Sustainability. 

Don’t belong to Boy Scouts of America? Or TAC? No problem! Take the Challenge and share it with your friends and family! All Scouts, Guides, humans, and others are invited to take the Sustainability Challenge! Together we can ensure the future of our planet for the generations to come!



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