For adult volunteers in BSA there is an easy accessible online training program through the BSA LearnCenter.

Starting with the mandatory Youth Protection Training (YPT2) is an absolute must for every involved parent (and Professional) to be able to support BSA with delivering the Boy Scout program to our youth. This course is available at

More information on how to enter the MyScouting website or support on our Youth Protection page.

Select a program below to learn what specific training is required:


My.Scouting.Org training known issue:

If the Launch button to take a Scouting U course is ‘greyed’ out the instructions below will help. 

  1. Sign onto your My.Scouting account, select Scouting U then select BSA Learn Center.
  2. Select the program type you wish to take training for. The available Learning Plans will appear. 
  3. Under the requisite training click ‘ Add Plan’.
  4. Once the plan has been added click on ‘My Learning’ at the tops of the screen. Available courses still display.
  5. Click on the module you wish to complete.  If the ‘PLAY’ icon is greyed out click on ‘Course Catalog’ at the top of the page.
  6. Select the Program Type again. All available courses will be shown. 
  7. You will see a blue sign in the far right of the screen. Click on the ‘+’ to add the program. 
  8. Next click on ‘My Learning’ and the course will be launchable.

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