SCOUTBOOK The whole Scouting experience rolled into one great web app.

Enhance Your Scouting Experience

With Scoutbook, you can begin tracking your Scouts progress from the first knot learned in Tiger, all the way to finalizing his Eagle Scout project.


Forget the hassle of trying to upkeep old binders full of logged paperwork. Scoutbook does this for you. Simply input the Scouting task completed and all documentation is automatically saved. Scoutbook can even capture images and video at the time of completion to be added along with the certificate of completion. The memory of achievement will always be with your family thanks to Scoutbook!

Start Tracking Today!

More Time

Before Scoutbook, Leaders were spending much of their volunteering time trying to keep track and report back to parents on their child’s progress in Scouting. Now, from anywhere at any time, parents have the ability to log on and see exactly where their child’s progress is. This gives Leaders the thing they need the most: TIME WITH SCOUTS.

Achieving something is FUN! Scouts should have the ability to share that excitement with all. Thanks to Scoutbook, they now can. From any mobile device or computer, Scouts can now share via social media or with their fellow Scoutbook friends their achievements in Scouting.

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Scoutbook FAQs

What Is Scoutbook?


TAC Interface with Scoutbook


BSA and TAC Units Moving Forward


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