Recharter Fees

There are no changes to the national registration fees for youth and adults or in the Overseas Council Fee (OCF) charged by TAC. The OCF is separate from the national payment and is paid to TAC.

The following fees apply:

  1. Each scout (youth) and scouter (adult) have the national registration fee of $33 along with the $1 insurance fee.
  2. $12 Boy’s Life Subscription fee that is charged if the youth elect to receive the magazine.
  3. The Overseas Council Fee is paid to TAC.  Specific OCF amounts are found in the Kintera link for each unit as provided in the letter from national.  It is recommended that units check out the amounts first on the Kintera link so that families are charged the correct amount in OCF fee.
  4. Additional fee of $52 may be charged by each unit per youth for annual unit dues.
  5. For those adults who are only in a district staff position or Lone Scout Counselor/Scout, the link to effect your renewal for 2019 will be published as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Unit Commissioner for assistance.

© 2019 Transatlantic Council - Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved

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