Soon units will receive the recharter letters containing the access codes from national.  This district deadline for the completion of the recharter actions for ALL Med Units is 28 November and all units are expected to comply.  Unit Commissioners will monitor these actions and follow up with units to assist.

  1. NOW is the time to get all of your pending applications in Application Manager assigned positions and accept the pending applications.
  2. NOW is the time to upload any pending transfer applications, either youth or adult, to the Med Sharefile for processing to national so that they populate your unit roster before you begin your recharter process.
  3. NOW is the time to ensure that ALL adult volunteer scouters with your respective units complete the new YPT before the national deadline of 30 Sept.

Please do not wait until the last minute to do these important tasks!

This is the District Timeline for Recharter Actions

  • 30 September - New Youth Protection Training completed by ALL adult scouters
  • 1 October - Recharter Codes Sent to Units by National via electronic letter
  • 3 October - Units verify recharter codes
  • 8 October- Units verify roster against those members that are active and will recharter. Units begin online recharter process.
  • 29 October - All Units submit recharter online (sign and pay electronically).
  • 31 October - All Units report their yearly youth camping nights to the District Executive
  • 31 October - All Units update their Community Service hours using this link:
  • 16 November - All Units pay Overseas Council Fees using either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 link provided in the letters from National.
  • 16 November - Completed Unit JTE Scorecards sent to Unit Commissioners for review.
  • 16 November - All District staff and Lone Scout/Scouters submit 2019 renewals using the Kintera link provided.
  • 17 November - Unit Commissioners send Unit JTE Scorecards sent to District Commissioner for signature and submission to DE.
  • 23 November - All MWR Rosters Turned into District Executive via the Med Sharefile
  • 28 November - District deadline for ALL units to complete recharter actions for 2018
  • 30 November - Council deadline for recharter process

© 2019 Transatlantic Council - Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved

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