Edelweiss District Membership

Are you thinking about joining Scouts? Are you new to the area? Are you a Membership Chair or a Unit Registrar?
Are you seeking answers in regards to Membership? If so, check out http://tac-bsa.org/resources/registration/!

If you are not sure which unit you are joining, send me an email and I can help you with unit info. You can also find the units on the District Home page.


Effective July 1, 2018all units will be required to use their Online Registration Tool through My.Scouting.Org for handling applications from new scouts.

The Transatlantic Council has updated their new member application procedures so that going forward we will only use the on-line application process to register new youth and adults.  This on-line process has been used by some of you in the past and in the future it will be the only procedure used for new member applications.  There are many good reasons that the Council Executive Board voted in this approach, among which are new personal data protection laws.

We believe that if you have not been using this new member procedure before, you will like its simplicity and speed.  This tool can also be used to send invitation links to prospective new members and have them complete the application on their phone, tablet, or computer.  The new youth in your unit will be registered and covered by BSA insurance within minutes to a few hours.

See http://tac-bsa.org/resources/registration/ for more information and an informational PowerPoint that will help answer any additional questions you may have!

All Transatlantic Council transfers, Lone Scouts, and adult applicants that do not have a Social Security number will still use paper applications.  Some of your volunteers/parents might be local nationals. If that is the case and they do not have a Social Security Number, please note it in the application. This will trigger a form to request exemption to policy.

To turn in your paper applications, you only need to scan and send in the paper applications via the Edelweiss District Unit Service ShareFile.


Adult Applications have two pages: Application and Disclosure page
Adult applications must also be accompanied by the Youth Protection Training Certificate (YPT)!

Above and below you will find all the forms that need to accompany your email. Please ensure you have completed and attached a fee sheet, Youth Applications, Adult applications and the receipt from your bank wire. You can also pay via Secure Pay, but remember that online payments will incur a 5% charge.

Once all documents are scanned, upload them to our new Edelweiss Unit Service ShareFile link.

Please include the following:

  • Fee Sheet
  • Youth Applications
  • Adult Applications 3 pages (Application, Disclosure & YPT)
  • Bank Wire receipt of payment
  • SSN Exemption (When required)

Once I receive your file, I will verify information and payment info and send it to be processed.



Here are two resources to ensure you complete paper applications correctly before you send it to us for registration:

How to Properly Fill Out the Adult Application:

How to Properly Fill Out the Youth Application:

TAC Lone Scouts:

If you can’t find a unit with your community and living radius, you can always join us as a LONE SCOUT.
As a registered LONE SCOUT you can work on your advancement and join other scouts at our numerous Council and District events Don’t miss out on the fun! JOIN US TODAY!

Learn More About the LONE SCOUT program

​Thank you for your interest! We hope you join us!

For further info contact the Edelweiss District Executive: Rodney Henk; Rodney.henk@scouting.org

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