Barbarossa District Recharter

2018 Recharter Is a Wrap!

All Charters for all Units in Barbarossa District expire every year on Dec 31st. Thank you to all those units that submitted on time.

Below are the some of the forms needed to complete your Recharter Packet.

  • Barbarossa District Recharter Fee Checklist
  • BSA Unit Renewal
  • BSA Annual Charter Agreement
  • BSA Adult Application form
  • BSA Youth Application form
  • BSA Merit Badge Counselor Form
  • TAC Joining Roster

The following forms were not posted here for security reasons:

  • Barbarossa District Recharter Instructions and Tips
    (includes the sharefile link to upload your completed Recharter Packet)
  • TAC Bank Transfer Information Sheet
  • TAC Unit Account Authorization Form

Your Unit was emailed a separate sharefile link to download the entire Recharter Packet and your Unit’s Access Code for the online Recharter process.

If your Unit did not receive this email or for any questions, please email Barbarossa District Commissioner, Ed Bowyer.

© 2018 Transatlantic Council - Boy Scouts of America – All Rights Reserved

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