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The TAC Dispatch: Vol 1, Ed 5

In This Issue…

  • Medal of Merit presented to Ryan Brown
  • TAC Scout Executive Vince Cozzone Announces Retirement
  • Out and About in TAC
  • Council provided Scoutbook subscriptions
  • TAC Refund PolicyLooking Ahead: YouTube Videos, Scout Me In!
  • News and Updates: Rome Historic Trails Contest Winner and Amazon Smile

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Vince Cozzone, Transatlantic Council (TAC) Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer, announced that he will retire November 1 st , 2018. Based upon the time-tested BSA succession process, the Boy Scouts of America National Human Resources, Northeast Region, TAC Board of Directors and its Selection Committee will work together to insure a smooth transition of responsibilities to new TAC leadership.

Vince’s 40-year professional Scouting career began in Philadelphia, PA as an Associate District Executive. He moved to Germany in 1982 as a Senior District Executive for TAC. In 1992, he was assigned to Brussels, Belgium to support the volunteers of the Charlemagne District, and in 1994, he assumed responsibility for both the Charlemagne and Mayflower Districts. In 2005, he was appointed as the Assistant Scout Executive for TAC, responsible for Council operations. In 2007, he was promoted to his current role as TAC Scout Executive, overseeing the day-to- day operations of the Boy Scouts of America in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, serving 6,200 youth and 3,500 volunteers.

One of the key projects associated with his career is his bringing youth to the D-Day Landing Beaches. What started in 1994 with a camping weekend for 300 youth and leaders to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day has become the TAC Normandy Camporee, serving over 3,000 campers in 2017, and more than 35,000 participants since its inception. France’s President Hollande recognized TAC for its leadership of the Messengers of Peace campaign. The D-day Beaches were given UNESCO World Heritage Status. In 2015, Vince received the Legion of Honor, France’s highest order of merit.

On behalf of youth served, their families, Scouters and the TAC Board, we offer sincere thanks to Vince for 40 years of service to youth. Vince, while you will be missed, the legacy of your leadership will benefit the youth of TAC for years to come.

Mark O. Schissler, Chairman

Paul J. Ostling, President

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Transatlantic Council

TAC Philmont Contingent

REMINDER for Philmont 2019: The link to sign up goes live at midnight on April 15!

Sign up and more information is available at

We will only accept the first 9 qualified scouts who register: Applicants must be a First Class Scout or registered Venturer and be 14 years old or 13 years old and completed 8th grade!

Congrats to our Council and Districts!

A shout out to Mediterranean District for achieving GOLD in Journey to Excellence. Well done Team MED.

Praise to Edelweiss District for achieving SILVER. Way to Go!

Horizon earned its first ever Journey to Excellence Award bringing home a BRONZE award.

Transatlantic Council achieved SILVER for the 2nd consecutive year.

Well done and congratulations to our council and districts.

Vince Cozzone
Scout Executive/CEO
Transatlantic Council, BSA

Silver Beaver Award Nominations

Update 02/17/18: The award nomination period has ended. Thank you for your entries.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award the council can bestow upon a volunteer. Any Scouter can nominate another Scouter although in our council we have restricted spouses nominating spouses. There are no pre-requisites for the award however the award is limited in number that can be presented and should recognize scouters who have made a significant impact on the council during their tenure in our council and as a transient council, consideration needs to be made to service to scouting in other locations as well as other volunteer service.

The selection is made by volunteers from the Executive Board with representatives from districts.

Nominations are due by 9 February 2018

This form plus whatever attachments or letters of recommendation or support must be used.…/Awards_Central/SilverBeaver.aspx


Nominations can be sent to Vince Cozzone.

Family Scouting Early Adopter Program

Dear Fellow Scouters,

The Boy Scouts of America is permitting the application of packs to be part of an “Early Adopter Program.” As such, a new Family Scouting page has been added to the website.

Resources can be found on this page such as:

  • A form which outlines the criteria that packs have to meet to apply to be part of this program.Scouting for the whole family is part of our organization.  We are aware that some packs of a high degree of interest. The council reserves the right to select which packs may participate in the program but any pack that is registered (completed recharter) may apply. The Transatlantic Council Executive Board will include this in our board agenda and approval is expected on January 20th.
  • BSA documentation on the program that may answer additional questions that units may have (also see, Early Adopter FAQs)It is important that all the criteria is met and that packs understand there is a commitment to the success of the program and their feedback is required. It is important to also know that this is not a tool for small packs to add members to existing dens but to create all girl dens with a minimum of 4 girls in each new den. The dens may not be mixed (i.e. Lions/Tigers or Wolves/Bears) even if the boy dens include multiple ranks.

We are proud of our units and what they accomplish. We wish to give all of our packs an opportunity to consider being an early adopter. If a pack has not currently finished its recharter including payments, we will still consider the pack after they accomplish the necessary requirements.

The BSA website with current information is at

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy New Year and thank you for your support to our scouting program.

Yours in Scouting,


Vincent P. Cozzone Scout Executive/CEO Transatlantic Council, Boy Scouts of America

© 2018 Transatlantic Council - Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved

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