Unit Accounts at the Transatlantic Council

A unit account is an account maintained at Transatlantic Council for specific use by a unit (pack, troop, crew). It can be used for purchasing BSA supplies from our Scout Shop, for registration, for camps, and for district activities. The unit decides how the account is going to be used.

The Committee Chair is the volunteer responsible for the management of the unit account. The responsiblity can be delegated within the unit, but Transatlantic Council will deal only with the Committee Chair on issues relating to the account. (That is an auditor ruling that has become our policy). All statements will be sent to the Committee Chair of record. This is another reason why a unit should be sure that the person actually doing the job of committee chair is the person registered as the committee chair.

The Committee Chair may designate up to three other individuals to expend the funds that are in the account. This is done by filling in the authorization form and then faxing or emailing the form to the office.

Funds can be deposited by check payble to TAC BSA. They can be in any currency however, checks in non US currency will be deposited into the local bank and the sum and exchange rate they use will be what is actually deposited into the account. Funds can also be transferred via credit card, or deposited in-person at the shop.

Statements are sent out monthly to the Committee Chair unless there has been no transaction during the past month.

Q. My unit account at Transatlantic Council shows that I have a minus "-" and I know we made a deposit and should have money in our account.

The software created for managing unit accounts is based on the same type of software used for credit cards. All charges are listed at positive (+), and all payments into the account are listed as negatives (-). Having a negative sign (-) listed before your final total means that is how much money you have in the account.

Previous Balance -350.00

Trading Post Order 125.00
Registration 30.00

Balance - 195.00 (means you still have $195 left in the account)