Mediterranean District in the Transatlantic Council encompasses Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Morocco, Albania, and Bulgaria.

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Commissioner's Corner

Mediterranean District Units


District Chair: Vacant
District Commissioner: Jeffrey L. Arter
District Executive: Rodney Henk

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Cub Scout Packs Scouts BSA Troops Venture Crews
Pack #007, Naples
Cubmaster Rhys Parker
Location: Naples, Italy

Troop #0007 B, Naples
Scoutmaster Marv Carlin
Location: Naples, Italy

Crew #7, Naples
Crew Advisor Howard Gray
Location: Naples, Italy
Pack #10, Madrid
Cubmaster Ivan Retzignac
Location: Madrid, Spain
Troop #007 G, Naples
Scoutmaster Jessica Smith
Location: Naples, Italy
Pack #0053, Sigonella
Cubmaster Aaron Anglin
Location: Sigonella, Italy
Troop #0010, Madrid
Scoutmaster Bob Grimes
Location: Madrid, Spain
Pack #0236, Rome
Location: Rome, Italy
Troop #0053, Sigonella
Scoutmaster Lloyd Wicker
Location: Sigonella, Italy
Pack #280
Cubmaster Jonathan DeLeon
Location: Rota, Spain
Troop #0073, Rota
Scoutmaster Thomas Wiley
Location: Rota, Spain
Pack #295, Vicenza
Cubmaster Travis Langley
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Troop #0236, Rome
Scoutmaster James E. Huber
Location: Rome, Italy
Pack #0323, Aviano
Cubmaster Logan English
Location: Aviano, Italy
Troop #0273, Lisbon (Pending)
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Pack #0353, Ankara 
Cubmaster Clement Bo Kon Sze
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Troop #0295 B, Vicenza
Scoutmaster Ryan Hammons
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Pack #1984 Sarajevo
Cubmaster Jeremy Long
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia
Troop #0323, Aviano
Scoutmaster Brian Parmeter
Location: Aviano, Italy

Pack #2008, Pristina
Cubmaster Justin Hekel
Location: Pristina, Kosovo

Troop #0353, Ankara
Scoutmaster Robert Lafferty
Location: Ankara, Turkey

Pack #2019, Zagreb (Pending)
Cubmaster Matthew Warin
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Troop #0514, Military Ward
Scoutmaster Jeremy Cates
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Pack #2187, Skopje
Cubmaster: Robert Heaslet
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Troop #0537, Military Ward
Scoutmaster Mark McKamey
Location: Caserta, Italy


Troop #1453, Istanbul
Scoutmaster Annedith Schneider
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Troop#1829, Military Ward (Pending)
Scoutmaster Chanin Webb
Location: Greece



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