Unit Accounts

What is a unit account?  When we refer to a unit account, it is an account with the Transatlantic Council that units can deposit funds into, and use those funds to pay for such things as Program Supply Center purchases, Overseas Council Fees, camp registrations, etc.  These are funds of the unit (Pack, Troop, Crew or Post).  In essence, the council is holding funds on behalf of the unit until the unit directs their use for a scouting purpose. 

Does my unit have a unit account?  By virtue of being a registered unit, you have a unit account.  As a new unit is chartered, funds collected for membership fees, and the charter fee flow through this account before being forwarded to the National Council. 

Who can use the funds in the unit account?  By the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, the registered Committee Chairman of the unit has the responsibility to manage the funds of the unit.  He/She is automatically authorized to use the funds and direct activities related to a unit account.  The Committee Chairman may delegate his/her responsibilities to someone to serve as the unit Treasurer.  Because this is not a registered position, the council staff does not know who those individuals are.  Thus, a Unit Account Authorization form has been developed for the Committee Chairman to authorize additional users.  The Treasurer is strongly suggested to be included.  Others who might be listed as authorized users are the Advancement Chairman (purchasing awards), the Activities Chairman (payment of camp fees); or just someone who is a member of the unit committee and is appointed to be the main point of communications with the Council Service Center. 

How often can our unit change who is authorized to use our unit account?  Anytime the registered Committee Chairman changes, you should complete a new Unit Account Authorization Form .  It is a good habit to update your Unit Account Authorization form once a year.  The start of your unit’s scouting year makes the most sense, as you may have new leaders filling the roles who need to use the unit account. 

Can a unit account be overdrawn? No unit accounts are allowed to be overdrawn to facilitate purchases of supplies or material, or make payments on events in advance of the event.  

How do we put money into our unit account?  The council has multiple methods for units (and individuals) to forward money for deposit into a unit account.  The most commonly used is through our Online SecurePay process.  Additionally, an electronic funds transfer (wire or ACH) option is available. Specific instructions are provided upon request.  

Unit Account Statements are sent to the Committee Chairman of record on the Unit Account, so please ensure that your Committee Chairman’s name, address, telephone number and authorized users (maximum of three) are up to date.

Your unit may make Unit Accounts deposits via:

  • Secure Online Payment
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
  • Cash
    • ​US Dollars​
    • Euros
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Bank Transfers
    • US Dollar Account 
    • Euro Account

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