ORDERING FROM Scoutshop.org

The National Council, Boy Scouts of America, operates Scoutshop.org and does fulfillment of those orders from the National Distribution Center in Charlotte, NC, USA.

We encourage our members to use this source for their official scouting items, as it gives you access to a full array of items that the Transatlantic Council would never be able to match.

By its Charter with the Boy Scouts of America, some items are restricted and must be distributed (sold) through the Transatlantic Council Program Supply Center.

The Transatlantic Council receives a percent of each order that is appropriately tagged as coming from our members and leaders. These funds are then used to support Transatlantic Council programs. To be sure your order qualifies for this, please follow these instructions:

When ordering from Scoutshop.org be aware of the following:

  • You may not use your TAC Unit Account as a form of payment
  • Shipping and Handling rate structure is different than that of the Transatlantic Council Program Supply Center
  • Orders shipped to a local foreign address may be charged Duty and VAT.
  • Any item ordered through Scoutshop.org is subject to the exchange/refund policies and procedures of the site. 
  • The Transatlantic Council Program Supply Center cannot facilitate a refund or exchange for these items.

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