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Specialty Supply Areas and Items

Our site now has as series of Specialty Supply Areas. These are online order forms that give you an experience similar to other online order and fulfillment centers that you may have used.
Note the shipping and handling fee structure for these Specialty Supply Items is different and operated effectively as standalone units.

Visit our Specialty Supply Areas

I​tems available on

Any item that is available on is also available from the Transatlantic Council Program Supply Center. The “basics” for operating your unit (handbooks, advancement item, basic uniform parts, etc.) are kept in stock for fastest supply to you. Other items we can order from for you as a convenience. Our charter with the National Council, Boy Scouts of America prohibits us merchandising these items in an online store format.

To order BSA Items

Once an order is submitted, it will be considered final. Any request for additional items should be on an order form, and will be considered a separate order. Any requests to delete an item from an order will be subject to the Return / Refund / Exchange policy. Please check your order carefully before hitting the send button!

In a hurry to get your order?

  • In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and to expedite the processing of your order, no phone orders will be accepted.
  • Orders are processed and shipped in the order in which they are received. Using email, every order is date and time stamped. If you would like a receipt of your order being received and opened, be sure to enable this feature in your email client.
  • A special expedited processing service is available for $20 per order. This will move your order to the front of the line of those orders being “picked” that day. It does not include any expedited shipping.

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