Effective July 1, 2018:
All units will be required to use their Online Registration Tool through My.Scouting.Org for handling applications from new scouts.

The Transatlantic Council has updated their new member application procedures so that going forward we will only use the online application process to register new youth and adults. This online process has been used by some of you in the past and in the future it will be the only procedure used for new member applications. There are many good reasons that the Council Executive Board voted in this approach, among which are new personal data protection laws.

To help you and your Pack/Troop/Crew/Post with this procedure, the National Council BSA IT Office has created a PowerPoint slide deck, TAC Online Registration, explaining on-line membership applications within overseas councils. Be certain to have the notes pages visible when you review or present the slides as there are important details in the notes.

We believe that if you have not been using this new member procedure before, you will like its simplicity and speed. This tool can also be used to send invitation links to prospective new members and have them complete the application on their phone, tablet, or computer. The new youth in your unit will be registered and covered by BSA insurance within minutes to a few hours.


Q: Should I save up new applications and submit them all at once like we used to? 

A: NO! The on-line system is a near real-time system. Applications can be filled out on line 24/7/365 so there is no good reason to hold anyone’s “paperwork”. Submit them as soon as you get new members – after all we expect to walk out of a store with our goods as soon as we pay for them, shouldn’t paying for Scouting work the same way?

Q: What about Overseas Rechartering fees? 

A: Rechartering fees are part of rechartering of the unit, the application process pertains to adding new members. New members should expect to only pay pro-rated annual National Council BSA fees at the time of joining.

Q: What about my Pack/Troop/Crew’s dues? Are they part of this process? 

A: Unit “dues” or other fees (if there are any) are collected per the unit’s procedures. They are not part of the TAC BSA process of signing up new members.

Q: What about new adult applications, can they be processed this way too? 

A: Yes, however, due to the mandatory background check, adults who do not have a US Social Security will need to fill out a regular adult application and submit it to the Transatlantic Council. TAC will request an exemption deferment from the national BSA Office. Also, only the Charter Organization Representative can approve new adult applications.

Q: Can I use this system to crossover youth from a Pack to a Troop, or to change adult leadership positions? 

A: No, this system is designed for registering new youth and new adults only.

Lone Scouts and transferring Scouts will still need to upload a signed paper copy of their youth or adult application to their appropriate district’s ShareFile:


Recruiting Incentives 2018

Pack Recruiting Incentive 2018

A Pack will qualify for free Pinewood Derby Cars for all active registered youth when the following requirements are met:

  • Packs register more Scouts between July 1 and November 1, 2018 than were registered from July 1 to December 31, 2017.

Troop and Crew Recruiting Incentive 2018

A Troop or Crew will qualify for a free Patrol Cook Kit when the following requirements are met between May 1 and November 1, 2018:

  • A Troop or Crew of 20 or less youth registers an additional 6 new* members.
  • A Troop or Crew with 21 or more youth registers an additional 8 new* members.
  • New members are determined by being new youth in the District where they are registering; crossover Scouts and inter-community transfer Scouts are not eligible to be considered new members. Scouts that have left scouting and are registering for the first time in 2018 are considered new youth.

The Patrol Cook Kit will be available for presentation at the 2019 Normandy Camporee. For Troops and Crews who have earned the incentive but cannot attend the Normandy Camporee (or take possession of the patrol cookware kit there) a credit for the amount of the kit will be deposited into the unit account. All Troops and Crews who have earned the recognition will have the option of receiving the value of the cookware kit deposited into their unit account in lieu of receiving the actual kit.


Online Rechartering

The process of rechartering your unit via the Unit Charter Renewal System (UCRS) has made the rechartering process extremely easy and efficient. Rechartering can be done from your home or office anytime that it’s convenient for you. The UCRS allows a unit to indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization. On-line rechartering ensures that unit and member information will be correct because the unit will be completing the renewal information.

Access to the UCRS

Around October 1, 2018, the Transatlantic Council Commissioner will email each member of a unit’s Key Three (COR, CC and Unit Leader) the access code to the UCRS. This code should be shared with the unit representative selected to handle the recharter process.

UCRS Process

The unit representative should attend the UCRS webinar training. This training will teach the steps of the online process and share tips on how to recharter without any paperwork errors.  The renewal processor will receive current information on changes from previous years. When the online process is completed, the renewal processor will have the unit leader and the executive officer digitally sign the charter renewal application.

Youth Protection Policy

Every adult with the BSA must complete Youth Protection Training (YPT). Each adult being reregistered with a unit must have YPT within the last two years and current at the time of reregistration. Unit representatives are asked not to reregister any adult whose YPT is not current at the time of recharter.

  • Adults must be current with YPT before being registered
  • Online Rechartering will not allow adults with out of date or without YPT to be re-registered
  • A copy of YPT certification is required when submitting hard copy adult applications


Effective December 1, 2017 the annual Boy Scouts of America Registration fee for youth and adults will increase to $33.00 per year.
Each person has only one primary position where the $33.00 fee is paid.
Fees are not collected for “multiple” positions. Boys’ Life Magazine remains $12.00 per year.

Structure of Overseas Council Fees to Change

The Overseas Council Fee helps offset the additional costs of the Transatlantic Council that are incurred due to our unique territory and constituent base. The fee has been in place for many years and the structure of the fee collection has been a prorated amount at the time a member joins the BSA in the council, and then a full year fee at recharter time.

Recently, the Executive Committee took action to restructure the fee, simplifying the collection process, as well as aligning with the new online fee payment process being introduced with Internet Rechartering for the 2018 year.  Effective January 1, 2018, the Overseas Council Fee will only be charged at the time of recharter and for additional enrollments for sixty days (60) following recharter.  The new fees will be:

  • $78 for non-DOD youth including the State Department in areas defined a “full-service.”
    • “Full-service” is defined as the unit having access (not participation) to district/council events, travel support from council staff. This level of service is primarily provided in the European areas of the Council.
  • $39 for non-DOD youth including the State Department in areas defined as “administrative services.”
    • “Administrative services” being defined as units who operate in areas where service is provided remotely, and any council staff visits are paid for directly by the units, or deemed necessary by the Scout Executive.
  • $39 for all DOD youth in areas defined as “full-service”
  • $20 for all DOD youth in areas defined as “administrative service” and in communities served by Horizon District.

The council leadership is committed to providing the greatest quality program available to our scout families. The total cost of operations is approximate $298 per registered member. Income to cover these costs comes from the Overseas Council Fees, Friends of Scouting, government and foundation grants, camping and activity fees, etc.

The council provides support to local communities to establish and maintain scouting units. A minimal staff supports hundreds of volunteers with camping and program activities, literature and books, insurance as well as guidance and support in the operating methods of Scouting.

Units are encouraged to use a budget plan and encourage Scouts to pay their own way in Scouting. Units should pay registration fees for any Scout supporting their unit by participating in fund raisers and payment of weekly dues. The commissioner corps can assist any unit with using the budget plan to ensure unit treasuries have adequate funds for recharter.




Boy Scouts of America and Transatlantic Council has great marketing and membership resources for units and districts!

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