Advancement Process in TAC

The Boy Scouts of America purchased Scoutbook and has been working to create a seamless experience for unit leaders,  scouts and their families.  In a recent move, the BSA has introduced Scoutbook Advancement Sync to automatically update and record scout advancements after unit leaders approve them. The Scoutbook Database will eventually become the database of records for all advancements in the BSA.

In the interest of efficiently serving the scout families of the Transatlantic Council, the Council Executive Board  made the decision to purchase a Scoutbook subscription for every unit and each of their members.  This allows a transition to the exclusive use of Scoutbook Advancement Sync for all advancement record keeping within TAC effective June 1, 2018.  Additionally, we have phased out the use of Internet Advancements completely and will only accept Advancement information from Scoutbook Advancement Sync; this eliminates the uploading of files, scanning of forms, printouts, etc.  Advancement reporting becomes streamlined and a standardized process for all units.  Those units who have made the transition are pleased with the amount of time saved on recording advancements and tracking unit activities and rosters.

Update Sept 5, 2018: Scoutbook Subscriptions will be free starting January 1, 2019.

Advancement Ordering Process

All advancement records are done through Scoutbook Sync, effective June 1, 2018.

While advancement items such as cards, patches, badges, and recognition had previously been provided free of charge, those items are now available for order through the Program Supply Center (  Additionally, units can streamline the advancement related purchasing process from the Program Supply Center by attaching a Purchasing Order that can be created in Scoutbook.  Only units that are reporting advancement through Scoutbook will be allowed to purchase advancement related items after December 31, 2018.

Contact Information

Please send all advancement related questions to:


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