Normandy, France
April 2019

75th Anniversary of D-Day

25 Years of BSA Commemoration Ceremonies



  • This is TAC’s 9th jamboree
  • ​French government recognizes our efforts with the title “Custodians of Omaha Beach.”
  • Event open to all Scouting programs not just Boy scouts of America
  • Watch our video from the 70th anniversary celebration and show this to others who may want to attend!


The Transatlantic Council is one of two Boy Scouts of America councils serving American families abroad. We are based in Brussels and serve US families living in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. We serve 6,100 youth through 2,750 volunteers in 200 different scouting units.


There are two programs held at War Memorial Cemeteries. The British Scouts conduct a ceremony at Bayeux on Saturday. The closing ceremony for the camporee is held at the American Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer on Sunday morning where Scouts will lay a commemorative wreath.


We have worked through the April 12-14, 2019 Normandy Camporee budget and have worked out the fees for the event. The Bungalow Reservations will open October 1, 2018. Campsite reservations will open in December. Reservations need to be as accurate as possible since refunds are time consuming and will incur a minimum administrative cost of 15% of the total refund. There is plenty of room at both campgrounds for camping, so there is no “first come, first served.”

All camporee participants will have a fee associated with the event due to all of the shared logistical costs. Entry to all camporee events will be controlled with a security system and we will only issue badges to those who have registered with their unit.

Camping Fees

Includes 2 nights at Camping Port’land or Omaha Beach Campground), security fees and admission to program events and will be $80 per person. Extra Night Camping fee is $15 per person.

Off-Site (Hotel, Guesthouse) Participant Fee

Includes security fees and admission to program events including Campfire Ceremony and Wreath Ceremony at the American Cemetery at Colleville sur Mer and will be $40 per person.

Bungalow Fees

Includes 2 nights (Fri-Sat) with an option to stay extra nights, security fees and admission to program events, and an option to pay in 3 payments.

– 4 Person Bungalow is $460, extra night is $140

-5 Person Bungalow is $525, extra night is $200

-6 Person Bungalow is $600, extra night is $250

-7 Person Bungalow is $640, extra night is $250

-8 Person Bungalow is $680, extra night is $250



All participants should plan to attend the Messengers of Peace Dinner for a cost of $3.50 per person.  This dinner is an opportunity for participants to enjoy friendship and networking on the beach prior to the Campfire Ceremony.

All units will need to chose between having a wreath or not having a wreath for the American Cemetery Ceremony.  Units who choose to present a wreath at the ceremony will have a $100 fee; Units that do not wish to have a wreath or flowers at the American Cemetery Ceremony will still incur a $25 fee for the ceremony.

Patches and other memorabilia will be available for preorder soon – stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Normandy Camporee in 2019!



  • Messengers of Peace Dinner (4500 meals @ $20) includes cooking tents, containers etc.
  • Partial Sponsorship accepted (or partners)
  • Audio-Visual set up for campfire and closing ceremony on Sunday ($250K)
  • Distinguished Benefactor evening (Friday) $10,000 (site rental and food for VIP event)
  • Eagle Scout Recognitions and Reception ($15,000)
  • Normandy Logistics to include tents, electricity, environmental support, ($15,000)
  • Press Conference and Local VIP Gathering ($5,000)
  • Rental of administrative areas and program support ($5,000) (also part of logistics)
  • Rental of shuttle buses to dinner and campfire ($5,000)

Tide Schedule 2019
Sat, 13 Apr 2018

03:12 10L25 16:49 23:03
6.0m 2.4m 5.9m 2.7m


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