Are you ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime?

July 22 – August 2, 2019
Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve, West Virginia, USA

“Unlock a New World”

The World Scout Jamboree is an experience of a lifetime. In 2019, our Scouts will have an opportunity to camp with thousands of Scouts from around the world at the 24th World Scout Jamboree. Participation is open to eligible youth (age 14 – 17), unit leaders (18 and older) and International Service Teams (IST) who serve as Jamboree Staff (18 and older). The World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) is the largest event organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), with up to 40,000 Scouts from more than 150 countries around the World.

Learn more at 2019wsj.org


The focus is on meeting people from different cultures and countries and doing jamboree and high adventure activities. You will have plenty of opportunities to zip-line, kayak, and ride mountain bikes, and even more opportunities to meet new friends and learn what Scouting and life is like in other countries.

Who can attend the World Scout Jamboree?

If you want to attend as a participant, you must be between the age of 14 and 18 (born between July 22, 2001 and July 21, 2005 (no exceptions). Adults over the age of 18 can serve on the International Service Team (IST) and as unit leaders. All participants, unit leaders and IST must be members of the Boy Scouts of America. The WSJ Contingent is open to all Boy Scouts and Venturers who meet the age requirement. In addition, Scouts must meet the physical requirements for attending the Summit Bechtel Reserve, found on the Summit Health Form. Register soon, since we only have 2 spots left!

https://www.2019wsj.org/For the first time in recent times, two members of TAC have been selected to serve as contingent leaders for the World Scout Jamboree!!!  Congratulations to Mattie Coolen for being selected as Scoutmaster, and Dean Menegas for being selected as Assistant Scoutmaster for the combined unit from TAC and Monmouth attending the World Scout Jamboree.  We believe these two youth leaders have a wealth of experience and a great attitude that will be an asset to the 2019 WSJ!


Participants and Leaders
The participant and unit leader fee includes registration for the Jamboree, meals at the Jamboree, tents, and patrol and cooking gear. The fees also covers travel expenses (including food) between “Hub City” and the Jamboree. Applicants will be responsible for the costs to get themselves to and from the “Hub” location. There is no tour.

Regular Fee:                 $2500 – includes transportation to and from the jamboree.

International Service Team (IST) – Staff

The IST fee includes registration for the Jamboree, meals at the Jamboree, tents, and patrol and cooking gear, but does not include transportation to and from the Jamboree. The World Jamboree Organizers (Host) will provide transportation to and from a limited number of Gateways to the jamboree site. Those Gateway locations are identified as: Yeager Airport (Charleston, WV), Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (Charlotte, NC), the AMTRAK station (Prince, WV), and the Ruby Welcome Center (Mt. Hope, WV).

IST Regular Fee                    $1,800

2019 World Scout Jamboree Links

Main WSJ page.      https://wsj2019.us/

Basic FAQ.               https://wsj2019.us/faq/

How to Apply.          https://wsj2019.us/apply/

Commonly asked questions

How will we travel to the WSJ?
The USA Contingent will have representatives from all 50 States, US Territories and from overseas councils serving BSA programs to US citizens living abroad. Each region will have transportation plans appropriate for their trip to the Jamboree.  Units of participants who live closer to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia may travel by bus or train, while others might travel by air. The contingent fee varies based on the travel distance to the Jamboree.
The participants and unit leaders from the USA Contingent will arrive on July 21st and depart August 2nd. The BSA arrival day is a day earlier than the other contingents so that our contingent can help the Jamboree Organizers (Host) welcome other participants and leaders from around the world.
Participants and unit leaders must travel with the USA Contingent from their “Hub City” to the Jamboree. “Hub Cities” will be in the continental USA only. Participants may need to provide their own means of transportation to and from the “Hub city”. More travel information will be available as the Jamboree draws nearer.


Have more questions?  Check out our FAQ and Resources pages http://wsj2019.us/faq/  and https://wsj2019.us/resources/

USA Contingent Status Update as of July 27, 2018


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